Hunting period: All year around.

Hunting area
Hunt is organized in the open range, by stalking, on the beautiful coast in Dalmatia, on the Adriatic Sea. Croatia has the biggest population of a free range mouflons in the world, with the biggest trophies too. It is Mediterranean country so the habitat is a perfect for this ram that originates from Corsica.

Airport: Split

Package includes

  • 3 hunting days, 4 overnights
  • Mouflon up to 80 cm (gold medal)
  • Assistance at the airport during arrival and departure
  • English speaking guide during all hunting days
  • Accommodation and full board
  • Transfers during the hunt
  • Organization of the mouflon hunt
  • Initial preparation of the trophy (horns boiling)
  • Export papers for the trophy
  • Croatian hunting licence

Package doesn’t include

  • Drinks
  • Taxidermist expenses (if wanted)
  • Packaging and shipping of the trophy
  • Missed shot

Here are the medals in CIC points

Bronze medal

Silver medal

Gold medal

185 – 194,99 CIC

195 – 204,99 CIC

205 CIC and up

For comparison here is the approximate cm of the trophy in mouflon connected with the CIC points


CIC points


175 CIC points


185 CIC points (bronze)


195 CIC points (silver)


205 CIC points (gold)


213 CIC points (gold)


220 CIC points (gold)

Wounded trophy is charged 50% of the trophy value

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