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Hunting agency Grivna organizes hunting in these areas for the last 30 years. The name of the agency has changed over the years but people working not so much. My father started the hunting business in the early 90s, and than me in the 2005 came into the business. Hunting is not just our work but it is our passion and way of life. All my familly hunts, my 3 sons and my husband. We also travel for hunting so we get the more clear picture what a hunter who doesn’t live in Croatia, needs to know before coming and how hunt needs to be organize to fulfill his needs. Our mail goal is to make a hunter happy and satisfied, that he returns home with nice trophies. The best marketing tool for us is a happy hunter so we do our best to make this truth. Our goal is also to maintain the sustainable hunting tourism so we do take care a lot about the animals, nature and generally environment in our grounds. All our guides are professionals with a lot of years in hunting and guiding. Also very pleasant people around with whom you feel good. I also come to meet and spend few days with most hunters, groups. Some hunters I guide too. So for sure you will meet me too.

It would be our pleasure to take you to a Croatian hunting experience, and I am sure you will be breathless when you see our nature, meet our people, see our animals and of course try our food and wine.

See you in Croatia!

Ana Miše, professional hunter

glavna za balkan chamois

Ana Miše

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