Deposit for the big game hunt is 1.000 E for all hunts, except driven hunts. After payment of the deposit the hunt in confirmed. Deadlines of payment of the deposit is different for different hunts and it is from 6 months – 1 month before beginning of the hunt. This deadline is determined individually for each request. If a hunter doesn’t come during the hunting season for a specific year, deposit is not refundable. 

Changing date of the arrival in the same hunting season will be considered if there is a possibility to change it. Deposit can’t be transferred to another hunter. Paid deposit is deducted from the final invoice. Deposit for the small game is not needed if a group is smaller than 5 hunters. If a group is bigger, deposit is 100E per hunter.


For any changes in an agreed hunt, agency needs to inform the hunter about these changes and find the suitable solution for both. If a solution can’t be find than agency is sending the in advance paid money back to the hunter as well as paid deposit. Agency can cancel the hunt for any unexpected reasons. If a hunt is canceled by our agency we will return any in advance paid deposit or hunt.


Hunt needs to be paid in advance on our agency account maximum 45 days prior the arrival of a hunter and any difference we are balancing after the hunt, in cash. In these package prices, the exchange rate croatian Kuna – Euro is 1€ = 7,3 kn. If currency changes on the day of the payment, prices are changing according to that because all the shooting prices in Croatia are based on Croatian kunas.


With Croatian hunting license all hunters are insured in the case of death or permanent damage of health. For additional insurance ask at our sales person and she will offer you different insurance packages.


If a trophy is not taken from a big game packages hunters don’t have to pay a trophy fee that is included in the package price, unless informed differently. If a hunter has paid a hunt in advance trophy fee will be returned to him.


Weapons and ammunition can be imported in Croatia. Hunter needs to have with himself passport and rifle licence or huting licence or eu rifle passport as well as our agency invitation letter. Please ask us an advice what to bring since it is not the same for all the countries. Hunters need to go to the police at the border and report the import of the rifle to the country.

The import tax is cca 15 E. When exiting the country hunter needs to report to the police that he is taking the weapon out of the country. Per hunter there can be 200 pieces of cartridge imported in a country.


For a dog to enter Croatia owner needs to have an anti rabbia vaccination document from his local vetenary that is not older than 6 months.


Our agency can help a hunter to export the trophy out of the country. Agency obligation is to provide to the hunter all necessary export papers for the trophy. Expense of exporting of the animals is not included in any package price.


Agency obligation is to provide to a hunter, prior to his arrival, through Croatian hunting association, Croatia hunting license that is valid for one month. Agency needs copy of a hunter’s passport and copy of his hunting or rifle license.

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